September Member Highlight

This September, we would like to shine a spotlight on Dr. Susan Hudak Boss, a practitioner from Seminole, FL, and a member in the South Atlantic Region. Dr. Hudak Boss is a general dentist and she has been with the Network since its inception. She has participated in many studies and is currently participating in both the Cracked Tooth Registry and the Suspicious Occlusal Caries Lesion studies. Dr. Hudak Boss has represented the Network in poster presentations at the International Association of Dental Research/American Association of Dental Research meetings. Beginning in 2016, Dr. Hudak Boss will be one of the new Executive Committee members. The South Atlantic Region and The National Network are fortunate to have such a dedicated and talented practitioner as a member.

Hudak in Action 2015

“I am impressed with the superb quality and sheer depth of positive impact that the National Dental PBRN has had for private dental practitioners. As a solo-practitioner, the National Dental PBRN has provided me with a direct link to a team of experts fully committed to research. This non-traditional expert team regularly provides me with evidence-based answers to daily practice challenges. As a result my patients, my staff and I enjoy being a part of the advancement of dental care and contributing to the future of dentistry. My staff and I are proud to be affiliated with this organization that has its foundation rooted in research while simultaneously meeting the vast array of needs of private dental practitioners.”

Note: This photo was taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and requirements for universal masking.